Barista Knowledge & Skill Development
Day 1: Introduction to coffee & basic coffee knowledge

Time: 10am-4pm (1 hour break)
  1. Origins of Coffee
  2. Coffee's Growing Regions
  3. Coffee's Journey from Farm To Cup
  4. The Current Coffee Industry - Producers & Consumers Coffee as a Plant, Fruit and Seed
  6. Importance and Strategies for Prolonging Freshness
  7. Coffee sensory experience
  8. Clean and Organized Workspace
  9. EXTRACTION AND BREWING (What is Espresso)
  10. MILK Freshness (Foaming and Temperature of Steamed Milk)
Day 2 : Barista skill & knowledge

Time : 10am- 4pm (1 hour break)
  1. Espresso process
  2. Impact of Grinder Models and Burrs Types Dosing, Distribution and Tamping Techniques
  3. Espresso based menu
  4. Preparing Multiple Beverages Correctly
  5. Coffee's Growing Regions
  6. Foam Quality and Stability
  7. Latte art (heart / tulip)
  8. CLEANING, HEALTH AND SAFETY (Safe and Hygienic Work Practices Cleaning of Equipment)
  9. WORKSPACE MANAGEMENT AND WORKFLOW (Grinders and Espresso Machine Components Safe Use of Grinder and Machine)
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