Course TitleDuration (Day)

Personal Development & Leadership Program

Bengkel Motivasi dan Sikap ke Arah Peningkatan Produktivity-
Corporate Ambassador-
Corporate Image Transformation-
Creative Application and Solving Technique-
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving-
Creativity & Problem Solving Workshop-
Creativity And Innovation Applied-
Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills-
Developing Self Esteem-
Effective Negotiation Skills-
Employee Commitment: How to Manage it.-
Empowerment Workshop-
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness-
Good-to-Great Trasnformation-
How to Speak with Confidence, Purpose and Impact-
Interpersonal Skills-
Leadership – The Challenges of the New Economy-
Leadership, Motivation and Dynamic Team Building-
Membina Disiplin Kerja, Motivasi dan Sikap Yang Positif untuk Peningkatan Prestasi-
Motivation for Peak Performance-
Personal Effectiveness Skills & Effective Time Allocation-
Presentation Skills: Present with Impact-
Problem Solving & Decision Making-
Thinking On Your Feet in Negotiations-
Thinking Outside the Box-
Understanding People at Work – The Building Block For Teamwork And Improved Productivity-
Whole Brain Thinking-

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